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Automatic external defibrillator national programme
​UMinho is licensed under the terms of Decree-Law 188/2009 of 12 August and the Decree-Law of 8 August to use automatic external defibrillators (AED). The physician responsible is Albino Agostinho Pedrosa Pedro, M.D., holder of the medical license no. 30404 issued by the Portuguese Medical Association. 

The AED, used in cardiorespiratory arrests, is designed to identify the cardiac rhythm or ventricular fibrillation (VF) present in 90% of cardiac arrests. This equipment has the capacity to automatically read the cardiac rhythm and the cardiac conditions through adhesive electrodes in contact with the patient’s thorax. 

The AED equipment can be found at:

  • West entrance – Azurém Campus
  • General library and study centre (building 13) – Azurém Campus
  • Auditorium (building 2) – Azurém Campus
  • South entrance – Gualtar Campus
  • General library (building 4) – Gualtar Campus
  • Building 3B's – AvePark
  • Couros campus
  • Largo do Paço – Braga's city centre
  • Congregados building – Braga's city centre 

UMinho has 60 workers certified by the Portuguese Red Cross capable of operating the AED equipment.