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Protection equipment
The knowledge of the occupational risks associated to the performance of any activity is fundamental to ascertain the most suitable form of (collective and individual) protection. 

In the same work environment, the different users of spaces actually share common risks. Therefore, measures that ensure protection against any sort of risks should be taken by using collective and individual protective equipment. ​ 

Colletive protection equipment 

The collective protection equipm​​ent, commonly referred to as CPE, is a collectively used equipment, designed to protect the health and physical integrity of the workers. In some cases, the collective protection equipment is so common that we rarely think of it as resources or systems of collective protection. UMinho is equipped with the CPE mentioned bellow:

  • Ventilation and exhaust systems.
  • Protection of circuits and electrical equipment.
  • Protection against noises (acoustic insulation materials) and vibrations.
  • Motion detectors.
  • Barriers to protect against high luminosity and atmospheric discharges.
  • Extinguishers, hydrants and fire hoses.
  • Smoke detectors.
  • First-aid kits
  • Signalling systems.

Individual protective equipment 

The use of individual protective equipment (IPE) is essential when the existing risks cannot be avoided or sufficiently limited in the first place, by measures, methods or preventive procedures intrinsic to the work’s organization, and secondly, by means of collective protection. 

Since there are different typologies of work to execute and different forms and means to accomplish it, we identify the essential IPE, taking into account the materials or substances they protect, as well as the parts of the body that have to be protected.