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Self-protection measures

University of Minho adopted self-protection measures developed and approved by the entity that regulates the conditions of fire safety in buildings, in Portugal – the National Civil Protection Authority.
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Self-protection measures are a document that establishes the organizational and safety management procedures and its primary objective is:

• To ensure the safety of the occupants within the facilities.

• To ensure that safety conditions are maintained.

• To ensure a rapid and efficient emergency response structure.

Self-protection measures are dynamic and flexible document, constantly updated and adapted to the daily exploration of the building and its main points are: ​

• Preventive measures: procedures that must be foll​owed on a daily basis while exploring the building in order to prevent emergency situations.​

• Safety records: a set of inspection and maintenance reports and occurrences directly or indirectly related with fire safety in buildings.​​​

​• Procedures in case of emergency: guidelines that must be followed in case of emergency, namely, a fire, an evacuation, an explosion, etc. 

• Training initiatives: providing workers with fire safety training.

• Simulation exercises: testing the emergency procedures and training the internal emergency response team and the occupants of the facilities.​​

The self-protection measures of UMinho are currently implemented. These measures are regularly tested/analysed through simulation exercises, as well as testing the emergency and evacuation procedures.