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Preventive measures are the most effective method to prevent possible emergency situations. All the people within the facilities of UMinho must adopt these measures.
The main preventive measures that should be put into practice are:

• Do not install or use improvised electric wiring. 

• Do not overload an electrical outlet or plug. 

• Do not block the evacuation routes. 

• Do not block fire extinguishers or any other firefighting devices. 

• Do not remove the fire extinguishers and fire blankets from where they were placed. 

• Do not block the alarm devices (alarm buttons). 

• Do not block fire-resistant doors. 

• Do not put wedges on fire-resistant doors. 

• Do not store combustible materials in places not set for that purpose. 

• Do not store materials up to the ceiling. 

• Do not block emergency lighting and signs. 

• Do not use heaters. 

• Do not smoke or light fires. 

• Know the existing emergency exits. 

• Know the location of the meeting point. 

 In case you are aware of any irregularity, please send an e-mail to or