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UMinho’s Grove
​Trees are an important natural element in the composition of the urban environment and perform several different functions that contribute to the quality of life of the populations, favouring their integration in the urban environment and positively affecting their physical and psychological well-being. 

Thus, trees in an urban environment are part of the patrimony of the institutions they belong too and need constant care and monitoring in order to grow harmoniously and not compromise the integrity of the people that use and work in the facilities and the property of those institutions. 

The institutions in charge do take the responsibility of improving and caring for their arboreal heritage very seriously. 

 In an effort to value and preserve the university’s arboreal heritage, which is spread throughout its campi, the University of Minho has made significant efforts to preserve and improve its vegetable heritage, resorting to professionals specialised in the field of gardening, urban arboriculture, tree surgery and landscape architecture. These professionals contribute, in an integrated way, to the incorporation of green spaces into the urban environment of campi and, simultaneously, care for the health and stability of the trees and green areas. ​