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Report an emergency

An emergency pertains to any threat that might endanger the physical integrity of the occupants of the facilities of UMinho, which requires an immediate response from the internal safety structure of UMinho and the Civil Protection Agents.

General guidelines to report an emergency at UMinho​​​

​•   Make sure you are in a safe place. If you are not in a safe place, try to find one.

•   Do not attempt to interfere or solve the situation, except as a measure of s​elf-protection.

•   Observe the activity from a safety distance.

•   Inform the command and control centre using the internal emergency number 253 60 10 10:​

      •  Of the nature of the emergency. 
      •  Of your location – building, floor and room. 
      •  Of the number of people with you/present. 
      ​​•  Of the number of people injured an​d the type of injuries.

• Do not hang up unless your safety is at risk or you have been given the indication to do so.

• Observe the arrival of the emergency teams and if possible head towards them.

• Follow the instructions given by the emergency teams.