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Information and training
​​All workers, as well as their representatives and considering their job and obligations, must receive proper training in occupational safety and health. ​

The training is offered under the following circunstances:
  • Admission to UMinho​​.
  • Change of work or tasks.
  • Introduction of new work equipament or when the existing equipament is improved.
  • Introduction a new technology.
  • Activities that involve workers from several Units of UMinho.
UMinho must train, in sufficient numbers, the workers responsible for providing first aid, firefighting and emergency procedures, as well as giving them the necessary material and ensuring that they do not get injured. 

In a context of continuous improvement and in order to instil and disseminate the culture of safety, UMinho regularly promotes awareness-raising campaigns for the entire academic community. 

UMinho has a welcome guide with all the information deemed relevant in this matter that is distributed among all the new workers.