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Good practices
​In order to contribute to the improvement of air quality, health and well-being of the occupants, and in addition to technical maintenance measures and the promotion of natural ventilation, UMinho advocates the following measures to be taken:​​​​ ​

  • ​To promote and ensure that all spaces are efficiently and regularly cleaned and sanitized, including equipment, materials, floors and facilities in order to prevent the growth of microorganisms.​​​​ 
  • To raise awareness among the occupants so the room temperature of the concerning areas is maintained within the recommended values in order to avoid the increase of concentratio​ns of chemical and microbiological pollutants in the air, since the increase of temperature has an impact on the relative humidity of the ambient air. 
  • To inform and raise awareness among the professionals in charge of maintenance and cleaning about good practices and working procedures. 
  • Use of an extractor fan when conducting laboratory experiments, whenever possible, or when handling products with some degree of hazardousness/toxicity and/o​r if gases or toxic vapours are released. ​