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Procedures for requesting waste collection
Each Unity of UMinho must appoint a person that will be responsible for waste management. This person is the interlocutor in the entire Unit’s process of waste management and is responsible for the execution of procedures designed for implementing good practices. This person verifies methodologies, takes corrective actions that aim to continuously improve the waste management process and coordinates work teams, in case they are created (e.g., laboratory chief). 

UMinho promotes a centralised management of the waste, through the Administrator’s office, in order to promote the aggregation of contracts and expenses, thus resulting in a reduction of costs and integration of services. The office of the Administrator is responsible for the relationship between waste management operators.

procedures_01.JPGWhen the place intended for temporary storage of waste has reached its maximum capacity, and whenever the Unit considers it necessary or the periodical regularity established with the waste management operators (previously hired for this purpose) indicates that the waste should be sent for final disposal, a request for waste collection must be made using the “Waste management” application on intranet. ​​​