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Hazardous liquid waste
​​Hazardous liquid waste is mainly a result of the activity developed by several laboratories at UMinho. This waste has different compositions and a chemical or biological risk associated to it. For example, the halogenated and non-halogenated solvents, acid, basic and fixative solutions, solutions coloured with dye, containing heavy metals, hazardous effluents of automatic equipment’s, expired chemical products, among others. The hazardous liquid waste that comes into contact with biological material is classified as hospital waste of group IV. 

The hazardous liquid waste must be immediately separated and containerised after its use in order to avoid chemical reactions. The containers must be resistant, hermetic and properly identified (with the respective waste code or main composition). All transfers must be made using retention basins and, whenever possible, resorting to direct links between the equipment that produces effluent liquids and the container meant for its storage. After the waste declaration form is completed, the collection of the waste for final disposal will be made by the certified operator contracted for this purpose.