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Communication systems

UMinho has a command and co​ntrol centre that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All operations resulting from the normal use of the facilities are managed at the command and control centre. The command and control centre coordinates and centralizes all information relating to the emergency organization and has the internal and external communication means to rapidly and effectively control an emergency. 

UMinho has a communication system that allows the members of the internal emergency response team to be the only ones informed initially, in order to avoid panic within the community. 

If there is a situation that presents a significant threat to the health and safety of the occupants of UMinho’s facilities, the internal emergency response team will immediately inform the occupants using the following methods: ​​

  • The evacuation ​centres of the buildings broadcasts voice messages in Portuguese and English:
Portuguese English

"Pedimos a vossa atenção.

Por motivos de ordem técnica ​somos forçados a encerrar o edifício.

Devem abandonar o edifício e dirigir-se para os pontos de encontro.

Lamentamos o incómodo causado."

"Your attention please.

For technical reasons we are forced to close de building.

You must leave the building and go to the meeting point.

We are sorry for the inconvenient this may cause."


  • The evacua​tion siren is activated inside the buildings.
  • A verbal indication given by the Chief of Security, the Deputy of Security and the members of the evacuation and security team.

In case there is an order to evacuate, please head to the meeting point outside the building.