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Fire Safety Inspections

The buildings of UMinho are regularly inspected in order to analyse/verify and assess the safety conditions both of the occupants and of the buildings. During these inspections, the following aspects are verified:

• The evacuation conditions.​ 

• The expiry date of first intervention means (extinguishers, fire hydrants and others). ​

• The funcionality of the fire systems, namely: 

      • Automatic fire detection sys​tem. 

      • Ventilation system. 

      • Fire-resistant door closers. 

      • Proper functioning of the evacuation centre. 

      • Proper functioning of the fire hydrants. 

      • Emergency lighting.​ 

      • ​Etc.​​

In addition, the National Author​ity for Civil Protection visits UMinho's facilities regularly to verify the safety conditions and the implementation of the Self-protection Measures.

The National Authority for Civil Protection is responsible for the inspection of fire safety conditions, in buildings, carrying out periodical inspections of the buildings and grounds during its hours of activity with the purpose of:

• Ensuring that the safety conditions are maintaine​d. 

• ​To inspect the way self-protection measures are implemented in the buildings and grounds during their entire lifespan.​

Periodical inspections carried out at UMinho's facilities began in November 2016. To date, the following buildings have been inspected: 

All inspected buildings have received a positive opinion by the National Authority for Civil Protection, who stated that the buildings “do gather the fire safety conditions for which they are intended”. 

During this year, 2017, the rest of the buildings will be inspected by the National Authority for Civil Protection.