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Procedures in case of a violence threat

In case an act of violence occurs at UMinho’s facilities, the procedures described below can keep you safe. 

If you are confronted with someone in possession of a knife or a firearm you must run or hide.

If you are near the incident, run

•   If there is a chance to run and escape, leave. This is the first and best option. 

•   Leave even if other people don't agree with you. 

•   Leave your personal belongings behind. 

•   Stop other people from entering the danger zone. 

  • Call 112 and inform the authorities: 
    • ​Of the nature of the emergency.
    • Of your location. 
    •  Of the number of people present.
    • Of the number of people injured and the type of injuries.

• Inform the command and control centre using the internal emergency number 253 60 10 10. 

If the evacuation is not possible, hide. Find a place to hide.

•   Lock the door. 

•   Silence your mobile phone. 

•   Hide behind solid objects. 

•   Do not move. ​

What to report (if known and if you can)

•   A specific location –  name of the building. 

•   The number of people present. 

•   Location, number and description of the assailant(s). 

•   The number of people injured and the type of injuries. 

•   The type of weapons used. 

•   Stay on the line with the 112 operator, if you can do it in a safe and quiet way.